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Curious animals

I want to introduce you to some of my all time favourite animals here on our farm.

Lion King made Pumba famous, along with his partner in crime, Timone.

Warthogs are quite hilarious, just looking at them makes you smile. When they are running, their tails look like antennas. Female warthogs usually get 3 babies and oh boy aren't they cute. We had a little Wartie over December, the children named him Hamlet. We found the little guy alone in the veld, he must have gotten separated from his family. We had him for a few days and decided to take him to Naankuse, Wild life sanctuary, about 150km from our farm. They are a conservation organisation that looks after wild animals. It is for sure a must visit when you come to Namibia.

The Aardvark is a medium-sized nocturnal mammal native to Africa. Consider yourself very lucky if you see one of them. They have long snouts and a

long thin tongue about 0.6 m (12 inches) long. Their tongues are long and sticky and they use it to attract termites and ants in ant holes. They can become 23 years old.

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